At Masonry Plus of Minnesota we believe it's the Big details that set us apart from our competition!

Before any concrete is placed. We grade and compact proper base materials for correct water drainage and a solid foundation for your concrete. We then Place and extensive Re Bar Grid which is placed inside the concrete for added strength and durability. We then pour the strongest concrete mixes offered. After your concrete has been placed we then seal it with the BEST sealers money can buy!

If your getting multiple estimates. I encourage you to write down these questions to ask other contractors. It will help you to compare craftsmanship and see what your getting for your investment.

What kind of Base material do you use?

We use a recycled concrete-asphalt mixture.(same as on Hi-ways)

What kind of Reinforcement do you use?

We use 1/2" steel rebar. Tied 3 foot on center

What Concrete Mix are you using?

With standard gray concrete  installation we use 4,500 psi with fiber mesh. For colored and stamped concrete we use 4,500 psi integrated color mixes.

How far apart are your crack control joints?

We never go more than 6' x 6' sections, Usually closer to 5'x5'

What kind of sealer?

We use Diamond, Euclid and brickform products. 

And last but not least. We clean and pick up our jobs to make it like we were never there. Except the sweet new concrete product!!!